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How the Biased Media Swung an Election[1]

One of the most damaging consequences of the growing alienation of voters of different persuasions is that each increasingly inhabit completely separate cognitive worlds. Much of this is the fault of social media, which explicitly encourages echo-chambers – among journalists perhaps more than anyone else. Journalists rely less and less on traditional story-chasing methods – […]

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BFD Daily Opinion Poll[2]

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The Great Vaccine Race[3]

The pack of big Pharma Companies are jostling one another for a position of global preeminence during the Pandemic panic like a mob of underprepared horses at the starting line for the grand steeplechase. We are being flooded with media reports about the predicted efficacy rates and safety of these ‘cures’, yet when you scratch the surface […]

Sidney Powell, the Kraken & the CIA[5]

In the interview, General McInerney explains that a covert app called “Scorecard” steals votes by making sure Democrats always stay about 3% ahead of their Republican rivals (weighted votes). “Scorecard steals the elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points.”

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Associate Minister of Education Needs Educating[6]

Kelvin Davis, the Associate Minister of Education, is in something of a lather. He says Maoris deserve nothing less than achieving at the highest levels in the world whatever they do. Quite right Kelvin, but what is the best way to achieve this? Davis said among some teachers there was an “acceptance” that low Maori […]

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