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Daily News Roundup – 26 November 2020[7]

HousingDaniel Dunkley (Stuff): Could Boomer Tax be a glimpse of the future and help solve generational inequality?Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Adrian Orr puts tax back on the table in affordable housing debateHeather du Plessis-Allan (Newstalk ZB): Housing Blame rests with LabourMiriam Bell (Stuff): House sellers cashing in with near-record capital gainsJenna Lynch (Newshub): Finance Minister Grant Robertson not ruling out extending bright-line test – the tax on investment […]

Act Predicted Labour’s CGT by Stealth[8]

“Labour’s plan to introduce a capital gains tax by stealth vindicates ACT’s opposition to the brightline test”, says David Seymour. “Grant Robertson has asked Treasury to investigate a range of tax options, including extending the brightline test beyond five years. “ACT predicted this. When National introduced the brightline test, I said: “…this tax is the acorn […]

NZ Race Relations Roundup[9]

News: National and Labour clash over councils introducing Maori wards A National MP is suggesting it’s undemocratic for councils to decide whether we should have Maori wards.  National MP for Whangaparaoa, Mark Mitchell told Mike Hosking councillors who bring in the wards should be voted out. “I like to leave decisions with the community – […]

Trump: Losing (Dis)Gracefully[10]

Giuliani and team’s legal challenges and drip fed ‘evidence’ are like a slow striptease in front of an audience of premature ejaculators. Each revelation is met with hysterics that this is the proof needed that the whole thing was a scam.

FREE Taste: Herd Community the Way Forward[11]

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, speaking from her podium of truth, announced today that she has decided that herd community is the path Aotearoa will follow rather than the bothersome and problematic herd immunity. “It is time for a reset,” she said. “Black lives matter, there’s institutional racism, unconscious bias, white privilege and white supremacy, […]

Why House Prices Will Keep Rising[12]

Grant Robertson has written a letter telling the Reserve Bank that the government is unhappy about the cost of housing, and to find a way that the Reserve Bank can assist the government to relieve the situation for potential homebuyers. Adrian Orr is not someone who likes criticism. The Minister of Finance has not overstepped […]

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